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14 Karat Bengal Cattery  5/15

Tiffanie Martz


Specializing in Healthy, Gorgeous, Top Quality Bengal Kittens with Exuberantly Loving "Velcro Kitty" Temperaments, Exceptionally Contrasted Coats w/ Rich Golden/Red Coloration & Stunning Faces with Big Eyes & Sweet Expressions. My Cats & Kittens receive the Absolute Highest Level of Socialization & Training - I spend countless hours every day to ensure the most social, people-oriented & well mannered kittens & cats. I have a very strict approval process & I am extremely careful about the homes I select for each of my cats and kittens.

A Absolute Angels  10/14

Irene DeHaan
Sacramento, CA
(916) 519-2287

Mini Leopard Companions, with Purring Pursonalities
Our Babies are Raise for "Temperament" "Health" and "Beauty". Stunning Rosetted, Marbled, Snow & Brown Bengals. LIFETIME Health Guarantee, Vet Checked, Vaccinated and Raised Under Foot
"Take a Walkon the Wild Side"

A Adorable Clarkstone Bengals  1/17

David Clark
New Branfels, TX
(830) 609-4601



A BelRouge Bengals  1/14

A Coffey
Atlanta, GA
(770) 390-9772



We are a TICA registered Cattery located in Atlanta, GA and online at http://www.BelRouge.com/ We have silver and brown leopard spotted Bengal kittens from the best Supreme Grand Champion lines. Raised in our home, sold with current vaccinations, certified pedigree and written contact with 3 year health guarantee.

Absolutely Bengals  1/17

Walt & Gail Richard
Coeur d' Alene, ID
(208) 667-7926


Absolutely Bengals; Selective, small hobby breeders sharing genetically healthy happy show cats and loving family companions. Outstanding rosettes,  spotting patterns, glitter and size. World, Supreme, International Grand Champions and family companions. Coeur d' Alene, Idaho; 30 minutes from  Spokane, Washington. Absolutely Bengals for your forever  family best friend.

Acappella Bengals  8/18

Larry & Jonni Doeppenschmidt


Bengals! Like no other cat. Beautiful kittens raised in our home, just north of San Antonio, Tx. Registered cattery with excellent bloodlines. We specialize in socialization and matching the right kitten to the your family. Check out our family page to see the results

A Cute Bengals  3/14

Sacramento, PA
(717) 889-1012



A little taste of the wild from our home to yours. We are an in home, TICA reg., small cattery with well socialized kittens. All kittens are vet checked w/ age appropriate vaccines before leaving us. All colors and patterns. Health guaranteed & reasonably priced for your companionship.

Anademant  7/17

Mount Vernon, WA
(360) 421-6453

Our Bengals have beautiful, bold markings, striking features, rich coat coloration with vibrant hues and crisp rosettes. Our cats have correct features, powerful appearances, and championship genetics. We are a small, in-home hobby breeder, raising one litter at a time. Our Bengals kittens for sale are raised in the home underfoot. They are well socialized in a family environment with children and other pets. Our kittens are handled from the moment they are born to insure they will have the sweetest and most lovable temperament possible. All of our cats are treated as though they are our only pet. We pride ourselves with a clean and healthy cattery with handable cats and kittens.

Azawieco  3/14

Lori Graf
Palm City, FL
 (772) 781-1953
ZawieCo Bengal Cats is a TICA Outstanding Cattery in south Florida. Our kittens are born in our bedroom where they grow up with tons of love and affection. This makes our "Hand Raised Little Lovables" the purrfect family pet! We breed for Browns and Snows with occasional Silvers.

Bella Bengals  8/18

Nancy Dickman
 Yakima, WA
 (509) 965-4623


Breathtaking Bold and Beautiful. Breeding for health temperament and beauty.

BellArista Bengals  5/15

Nicole Pankowski
 Ocala, FL
 (352) 812-2999


We are a TICA reg cattery offering TOP quality Bengal kittens. We have brown and snow rosetted kittens available year round. All of our kittens come with a 1 yr guarantee against congenital defects, 2 yr guarantee against HCM, and extremely loving and playful! We offer shipping within the US.

Belrouge Bengals  8/14

A Coffey
 Atlanta, GA
 (770) 390-9772


We are a TICA registered Cattery located in Atlanta, GA and online at http://www.BelRouge.com/ We have silver and brown leopard spotted Bengal kittens from the best Supreme Grand Champion lines. Raised in our home, sold with current vaccinations, certified pedigree and written contact with 3 year health guarantee.

Bengal Buddies 9/19

Diana Jagiella
 Plymouth, MN


Our breeding program is committed to producing healthy, social, playful and beautiful Bengal kittens. Contact us for your Bengal Buddy experience.

Bodcau Bayou Bengals  11/14

Jamie Trombley
 Haughton, LA
 (318) 949-2862
Bodcau Bayou Bengals is located in Northwest Louisiana. We specialize in very social Bengal kittens, raised by our unique family for your unique family. Kittens have outstanding rosettes on soft backgrounds which are only overshadowed by their exceptionally sweet personalities. Champion bloodlines, T.I.C.A. registered, health guarantee, age appropriate shots.

Boyds Bengals  3/14

Melody Boyd
Savannah, GA
(912) 202-9750


Breeding beautiful bengal cats in Savannah, GA. Beautiful silvers, snows, and brown spotted kittens year round. TICA registered. Health guarantee.

Cavscout Bengals  3/14

Karen Madden


We are a TICA registered Bengal cattery that breed from Champion lines.  We have worked hard for the last 4 years to produce show winning Bengals.  We are so pleased with what Bengal kittens are coming out of Cavscout Bengals!  Beautiful body type, beautiful coloring, beautiful temperament and great health.  Before our kittens leave they will have had two sets of immunizations by a licensed veterinarian and will be neutered/spayed.  They come with a health guarantee to homes that meet our approval only!

Choctaw Bengals  1/15

Lorraine Brown


Beautiful,Bengals registered with TICA. Comes with all shots and health record, and copy of their international grand champion blood lines. Affordable lap leopards!

Dentons Bengals  1/14

Stef Denton
Illinois & Iowa


We are dedicated to sharing the best of this unique breed with quality, loving, gorgeous, healthy TICA registered Bengal kittens. Litters throughout the year.

Destiny Bengals  7/15

Connie & Glenn Mustapick
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
(561) 625-1638


Destiny Bengals is considered one of the healthiest catteries in Florida.  Vet checked for over 7 years with health certificate and guarantee on all cats.  Sired by RWSGC Joykatz Ace Inda Hole.  Our cattery is a member of TIBCS and all kittens are registered with TICA.  Kittens available all year around F2's thru SBT.  Please check out our website and E-Mail or call for more information.

Dreampaws Bengals  3/14

Terri Johnson
LeHigh Acres, FL
(239) 878-2950


We are a TICA registered cattery specializing in the beautiful and exotic Bengal breed. We are devoted to breeding healthy, beautiful and well socialized kittens. All kittens will leave our cattery with a Health Certificate, vaccines, and FELV/FIV test. We offer brown and snow kittens in spotted and marble patterns.

New Litters! Click Here                 Eden Ranch Bengals   10/15

Racheal Johnson
New Braunfels, TX
(830) 708-3651


Beautiful Bengals located in the Heart of Texas. Excellent lines. Wonderful temperaments. Rosetted with lots of glitter. Snows and marbles too.

Enchanted Kits Bengals  8/14

WH Richardson
Selmer, TN
(731) 645-0230


Striving for healthy, eye catching, breath taking, affectionate F2-SBT Bengals.  Magnificent spotted/rosetted kittens in brown, silver or "snow", with an occasional marbled popping up.  Fabulous pets-show potentials.
Kittens are raised underfoot, vet checked w/written guarantees, and come with a kitten care kit.  Add a little magic to your life...with an enchanted kit.

Fox Creek Bengals  5/15

Lisa Smashey
We are a small in home cattery with healthy, socialized bengals. We offer Bengal kittens in a variety of colors, spots and marbles. We offer Pet/Breeder/Show quality kittens. All kittens come with up to date shots. All kittens come with health guarantee 

Fractal Bengals  1/14

Marie Vodicka
Washington DC
We selectively breed for health, temperament and wild looks.  Fractal Bengals are special, raised underfoot, ready to go from our homes to yours.  Check us out for the latest in cutting edge Bengals to grace your home.

IndianCreek Bengals  11/15

Norine Gordon
Harleysville, PA


We are a TICA registered cattery raising outstanding, rosetted Bengals from champion bloodlines for show/breeders and loving pets. Our sweet babies come  with a health guarantee and age appropriate vaccinations.

KatzMeow Bengals  10/15

Howard and Judy Farrow
(864) 477-0519


We are a small in home cattery focused on breeding quality bengals. We have brown spotted, snow, and marbles year round. Health guaranteed on all kittens.

Kingsmark Cattery  11/14

Karen Sausman
Center, CA
(909) 659-4258


Kingsmark has breeding beautiful and guaranteed healthy bengals for 10 years. Our cats are being shown throughout the world and are known for their exotic faces and dark rosettes. First and foremost for me is finding the perfect match for my sweet kittens and their new home.

Marie Bengal  7/16

Marie Lisa
Grenville, Quebec
(819) 242-5382



Marie Bengal is specialized in breeding brown spot bengals with huge rosette from champion bloodline,
we also ship worldwide.

Rising Sun Bengals  8/15

Becky Beckman & Steve Burdine


We have bred quality Border Collies and Australian Shepherds for over 25 years...and have put the same hard work and time into raising a quality Bengals. All our cats come from the highest quality bloodlines and producing the best quality Bengals that are also exceptional pets.  

Silverstorm Bengals  11/14

Elizabeth Smith
Caernofon, UK


We specialize in stunning, quality Silver Bengal's chosen very carefully from the best American blood-lines, concentrating on their wild confirmation and profile.
Our kittens are bred for their superb muscular, wild type, stunning leopard markings and rosettes, with extreme contrast. They also have wonderful temperaments and fantastic socialization skills. Export available.

Simply Simes Bengals  3/14

Beth Bearry & Lori Simes
Jackson, CA
(209) 223-3040


Striving for type and temperament. Snows, Silvers, and  Browns; Spotted, Rosetted, and Marbled. Born and raised in the house and expertly handled by a loving family with many years of animal husbandry experience.
We are registered with TICA and members of TIBCS.

SnowTundraBengals  1/14

Hermina Hart
Lisbon Falls, ME
(207) 449-1031


Top quality snows, snow marbles. brown spotted, and marbled bengal kittens from champion sired bloodlines.

Speakeasy Bengals  11/14

Chris Jacobson
Wellesley Hills , MA
(781) 235-7012


Speakeasy is a TICA "Outstanding Cattery". Our goal at Speakeasy is to produce a Wild Looking-Sweet Dispositioned kitten and place this beauty as your loving companion. Raised underfoot, health certificate, vaccines appropriate for age and placed with 2 year health guarantee.

Star Bengals  9/15

Lauren Westfall


StarBengal has the Bengal Leopard kitten you've been searching for!  Come check out our web site for more information. 

Summermist Bengal Cats  7/15

Sheila Fowler
San Marcos, CA
(760) 744-7886


#1 Best Bengal Kitten in the US  2007-20008
Summermist Striving for excellence in breeding superb bengal cats. Type, sweet, glittered, rosetted beauties. Socialized in our loving home under foot with family and Standard Poodles. Vet checked health guarantee. TICA & TIBCS MEMBERS Sheila and John Fowler 760-744-7886

TailSpin Bengals  7/15

Bobbie Damiano
Glen Gardner, NJ
We are small, in home breeders of the beautiful Bengal Cat. We breed the Brown Spotted, with an occasional Brown Marble showing up from time to time. We are TICA Registered and breed for health, temperament, and the Breed Standard. See our website for more information.

Texas Star Bengals  3/14

Stacy Hansen
Lavon, TX
(214) 552-0901
Texas Star Bengals relentless in developing well-socialized personalities in out kittens, F1ís through SBTs to provide your family the wonderful Bengal kitten you deserve. We are located just east of Dallas, TX and on line at http://www.texasstarbengals.com  Enjoy over 100 pages of Bengal kitten/cat photos on our website.