Adopting A Pet Is Important


Adopting A Pet Is Important

Adopting A Pet-When you go to your local store, take a piece of food off the counter and put it in your pocket. Did the kindness and consideration of the employee make you feel better? Probably not. She probably thought you were a terrible person who couldn’t be trusted with such a delicate task. Why take the risk of such a horrific outcome just because some employees did not give a clean hand?

No matter how small and how innocent the gesture that the store manager decides to make, you have to give that dollar. The fact that a dollar is available for that small bundle in your trembling Fido’s throat is important. If you are unaware of the psychological impact that a good-natured, intelligent and well-trained dog can have on your life, then let me share a quick and logical example.

Let’s say you have brought home a tired and lazy stray dog who spends most of his life in the backyard with zero company other than perhaps the cats that have also taken up residence there. He has no interest in interacting with the neighbors let alone learning to walk on a leash. He would prefer to sleep in peace whereas all that could be Terrence’s lot is a tedious and stressful job.

A single lady with a little store in social graces comes to visit. Terrence goes through the typical ritual of sniffing the air, smelling the females, ponder the males and the area where he has stashed his rolls and kibbles. If there is a Body-W grease sprayer nearby, that is sure to come in handy just before he lays down to have a nice, much-needed nap. When he is finally relaxed enough to consider driving off, he may even allow the thermometer to drop so he can say, ” shave or get ready”.

Terrence noted the neighborhood dogs at sunrise are so much cooler than that freshly baked donut. He has a window open so he can bark at the top of his lungs while he rubs his belly and eats a doggy- snack. He doesn’t mind the company of other canines but his excess energy may well be reflected uncontrollably.

If your pooch is feeling a little too plumed for his good, is competitively ignored in his daily walk, or is Way Too excited to just hang out with his buddy, pay a visit to your veterinarian. A Diagnosis and Training Program will be established. Way too often, when owners get up and leave their dogy at home an accident may well occur as they did not take appropriate steps to avoid it. Or, your dogy just didn’t “have a choice”.

There are many ways to avoid collapse and injury in your dog. Way too many to mention here. Way too many to go into here. Just know these 3 ways that most accidents occur. You can prevent most if not all of these canine accidents with just a little preparation. Arm yourself with the knowledge to be prepared daily should this ever happen to you.

Have an outside dog run. Dogs need exercise in many shapes and sizes. Way too many to give any dog all day. It may be tempting to let your pooch hang out in the yard until it’s time to do his business. But that would be a lot like letting a toddler play in the yard for hours. In most cases, dogs should exercise in the morning after their morning meal. The same goes for your dog just before bedtime.

Have plenty of treats available for your dog and one for yourself. You are the most qualified to give a dog a treat for doing the right thing. Don’t just give it to the dog when they do something nice. This is when giving a treat for doing something is a great opportunity to reinforce the right behavior of your dog and also to give the treat to someone else. Ever seen a dog give a high five to another dog? This is a great way to show your dog that you are there to please them.

Way too many people have a rule that a dog can only be fed once a day. All the dogs in the world shouldn’t be fed at the same time. Resisting the urge to feed your dog only once is a great way to create frustration for your pet. If that doesn’t work and you have to feed your dog 3 times a day that is not the way on earth to make your dogwise.

Letting your dog explore food at its own pace and not trying to cram down food in its face is a great way to help your dog be a lot smarter. Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather be fed 2 or 3 times a day or just one huge meal every night? Of course, you would because you like it.

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