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Chinchilla Persian Cat Personality, Origin, Diseases, And More

Persian cats are the apple of the eye to many people because of their soft, cute, and fluffy appearance. Among Persian breeds of cats, the Chinchilla Persian cat is a magnificent beauty famous for its doll-like features. It has such a soft coat of fur that you just can’t resist cuddling her. There is a…


Himalayan Persian Cat Personality, Health, and History

Do you know exactly about Himalayan Persian Cat? Himalayan Persian Cat Personality – A fluffy and attractive feline roaming around your house is always a great feeling. The Himalayan Persian Cats personality is known for bright, sparkling blue eyes and silky-smooth coats. The Himalayan Persian cat is a cross-breed, which is rarer than a pure-bred…


Siberian Cat Personality Traits, History, And Health Conditions

Everything about Siberian Cat Personality Traits Siberian cats are native cats of Siberia and can be considered as an ancient natural breed of cats. These cats have a very thick protective furry coat that makes them resilient to survive in Taiga of Siberia, a region with a subarctic climate. This cat breed has been known…