F1 Vs F2 Savannah Cat- Traits, History, and Comparison

Savannah cats are tall and large domestic cats with a wild cat-like temperament. It is a product of a domestic cat and a wild serval African cat breed; hence we call it a hybrid. The characteristics and traits of savannah cats are different in different generations of the hybrid. For example, the first-generation cross includes F1 vs F2 savannah cat.

Having a cat that is a hybrid of two different breeds sounds interesting. Right? Hereby this article will provide you with the distinguishing qualities of the savannah cat in the context of its generations.

F1 Vs F2 Savannah Cat – History Of Savannah Cat

The first crossbreed of savannah cats was developed by scientists in 1986. These cats weigh around 20 and 40 pounds. Today’s savannah cat has traits inherited from several spotted cat breeds, including Egyptian Mau, Bengal, oriental & domestic short hair.

General Features Of Savannah Cat

  • Color

This hybrid breed has a spotted coat that exhibits a range of different colors, including black, smoky black, silver, tan, brown, or gold. Besides this, their coat has very unique marking patterns such as “cheetah tear” and “tear streaks.”

  • Physical Features

Savannah cats have a small head, and the length of the head is more as compared to its width. Their eyes are green, brown, golden, or a blend of these colors. The neck is long and slender, and noses are puffy while the ears are erect, round, wide, and long. They have very long legs and a short tail with a solid black tip & black rings.

  • Temperament

If you want a couch potato, then Savannah is not your type of cat. These cats love to jump around like athletes instead of sitting or lying lazily. It is an adventurous cat with more dog-like personality traits. Like dogs, these cats are also very loyal and make a great companionship with their owner.


F1 VS F2 Savannah Cat– A comparison 

As we mentioned at the start, this cat breed has several filial (F) generations starting from the first hybrid cross. F1 was the wildest generation as it was the direct descendent of serval African- the wild cat. Therefore the lower the generation number, the less wild the cat would be. 

Let’s talk about F1 vs F2 generation traits in some detail.

  • Personality

In terms of personality, F1 and F2 are almost 20 percent similar as there is a gap of only one generation between them. Still, there are subtle differences, like F1 cats are more groomed and organized. They are friendly with the family that owns them; however, they are less likely to be friendly with strangers. In comparison, F2 cats are more social and interactive with strangers. They are comparatively friendlier with children too.

Although F1 cats are not aggressive, they are reserved when it comes to socializing. On the contrary, F2 cats love to play with other pets & kids.

  • Physical traits

F1 Savannah cats are darker in color and have sharp facial features, while F2 cats are lighter in color with less distinct features. F1 cats are more dense and compact as compared to F2, which are longer and lean cats.

F1 Savannah cats are more adventurous; they would jump quite higher, while F2 Savannah cats are more active, but they cannot jump as quickly as F1 does.

  • Appetite

Both F1 and F2 would prefer eating raw foods, but as F1 cats have more dense bodies, hence they have a massive appetite as compared to F2.

  • Sounds

F1 Savannah cats make louder and vibrating sounds when they seek attention or need something. On the other hand, F2 cats only make minor cats meow occasionally.

F1 & F2 Savannah Cats Availability

Like other breeds, you cannot simply buy Savannah cats easily from pet shops. These are the product of crossbreeding. A successful breeding experiment is required to get an F1 or F2 Savannah cat. For this purpose, expert breeders are needed who can control precisely the proportion of different traits in the product savannah cat.

F1 & F2 Savannah cats are the most expensive cats of the Savannah lineage as the prices go down with F3, F4….generations.

F1 Vs F2 Savannah Cat – Interesting Facts

  • Savannah cats can jump to a height of 8 feet.
  • These cats are so intelligent you can expect them to open a refrigerator door & cabinets.
  • Male Savannah cats in F1, F2 & F3 generations are sterile, making female cats more worthy & expensive.
  • Unlike other cat breeds, Savannah cats love to play around with water and enjoy swimming.


Savannah is a high-energy, unique cat with an amazing history of origin. The more we focus on F1 VS F2 Savannah cats, the more we will be able to know how their next generations are different from each other. At the present moment, both F1 & F2 Savannah cats are being adored equally!


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