Himalayan Persian Cat Personality, Health, and History

Do you know exactly about Himalayan Persian Cat?

Himalayan Persian Cat Personality – A fluffy and attractive feline roaming around your house is always a great feeling. The Himalayan Persian Cats personality is known for bright, sparkling blue eyes and silky-smooth coats. The Himalayan Persian cat is a cross-breed, which is rarer than a pure-bred Persian.

Want to know more about this highly praised Persian feline beauty? Continue reading because we are going to mention some of the Himalayan Persian cat personality traits and other worth-reading facts about this breed. 


The Himalayan Persian cat is a “man-made” breed. Its origin can be traced back to the 1930s when breeders started mating Persian cats with Siamese ones. During that period, the breeders began experimenting with how particular traits could be inherited.

The Cat Fanciers Association accepted and recognized it as a separate breed in 1957, but soon it was classified as a color variety of the Persian family. So, it is a hybrid of Persian and Siamese cats with a combined feature of both; a silky coat and blue eyes like Persian and Siamese breeds, respectively.

Himalayan Persian Cat Personality

The Himalayan Persian cats are average-sized and have a heavy bone structure, due to which they are sometimes called gentle giants. Their body is short with legs that are thick and a short but thick neck. Although they have heavy boning, their tail is smaller in size.

The key features of a Himalayan Persian Cat personality include a dark face with a creamy body. The average lifespan ranges from 9 to 15 years. The adults can weigh anywhere between 7 to 12 pounds. 

These cats become very attractive since they have round-shaped eyes and small ears. They have a flat face, a large round head with a nose that changes direction so that the colored skin on the nose becomes apparent to the observer. 

The legs of this breed are thick sturdily built with beautiful round paws. Lastly, the tail is short but suits perfectly with the length of the cat’s body. Overall, the body is robust, muscular, and not to mention attractive.

Just like the Persian Cats, the Himalayan Persian cat personality is characterized by being docile, placid, and quiet. They exhibit all kitten-like activities like sleeping in the sun and then suddenly roaming around the house – rolling here and there. 

These Persian beauties become even more attractive when they stretch beside you, sleep alongside you, and even sit on your lap if they are in the right mood. They have a flexible routine in which they do not mind changes and are friendly.

Apart from the peculiar nature of this breed, the colors such as Blue, Seal, Lilac, Chocolate in which this breed comes to add up to the magnificence of their personalities.

Being docile, the Himalayan Persian cat is like an ornament in a house because she enjoys playing with children who can play with her gently, comb her hair, and move her around in the house in a buggy trolley. 

Himalayan Persian cats are friendly with family and close family members who are friendly to her. The breed is known to like serene environments with litter or no changes on day to day basis. A very fixed routine is needed to make this breed feel comfortable, a particular time to feed and play.

Another common feature of the Himalayan Persian cat personality is that you should not expect it to be the type of cat who can crawl up the curtain, jump over the tables, or climb over the top of refrigerators. They love to stay on the ground and play with furniture that is within their access.

Behavior with Children 

Apart from the care that Himalayan Persian cats demand, they are also not suitable in households that have noisy and naughty children. But they are comfortable in households where children play gently and feed them. To the surprise of many, this breed is comfortable with dogs that chase after them. 

Himalayan Persian Cat Health

Hybrid cats like Himalayan Persian Cats are prone to several health problems that are mostly related to their facial features. A few include breathing problems caused by constriction of the nostrils. Dental problems are also common because their teeth don’t join together symmetrically. They are sensitive to heat and have common skin problems. 

How to Groom Himalayan Persian Cat

Himalayan Persian cats need proper grooming daily. The long silky furs do not stay clean for long and need to be combed regularly and bathed once a month.

Another issue is with the litter box, as sometimes, the litter gets clogged into the paws of Himalayan cats. So, if the litter box is not kept clean regularly, these cats might even abandon using the litter box.

Tearing is also one among many problems associated with this breed which requires regular cleanliness of the eyes. If not cleaned, these tears can form under-eye stains. The same is the case with teeth, as one needs to brush regularly to prevent periodontal disease. All in all, daily hygiene is a must thing in the case of Himalayan Persian cats.

Final Words

The Himalayan Persian is a complicated breed, as it is not mixed in the truest of meanings. Most of the characters one would witness are those of Persian breed. The breed shows simple and linear historical lineage, which makes adopting this breed easier. Apart from every other quality, the appearance and friendly nature of these breeds make them distinct. 


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